Monday, May 11, 2015

What is Art Law?

Opinions vary on what exactly is ‘art law.’  For the most part, it is not a separate jurisprudence and there are just a very few laws, some of them international in scope, that specifically cover art, cultural property, or artist's rights.  Art law consists of a number of disciplines, that protects, regulates and facilitates the creation, use and marketing of art. Art law involves a variety of legal issues such as intellectual property, contract, constitutional, tort, tax, commercial and international law.  And just like any practice of law it aims to protect the interests of the clients.

This blog aims to address the legal issues that may be encountered by an artist, a private art collector or a legal entity. The primary focus is on the visual arts and the practical matters that may concern those who are involved in creating, acquiring, selling, preserving and marketing artworks. 

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